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CLSS is involved in numerous innovations. Listed below are what we consider the biggest game changers in the Life Support community.


Cryogenic (Liquid Air) SCBA:

These 1 & 2 hour units have the potential, be it fire fighting or hazmat cleanup, to revolutionize the First Responder community. Providing true duration, low storage pressure, and cooling, these units can allow the user to work more comfortably, effectively and efficiently.  

Cryogenic (Liquid Air) SCBA with Liquid Cooling Garment (LCG):

This is our breathing apparatus that is coupled with a liquid cooled vest offering unprecedented heat stress relief. 

Collective Protection

CLSS will soon be offering to the Collective Protection industry the world’s first comprehensive Cryogenic Breathable Air Supply, Cooling & Dehumidification System for secure spaces, and refuge shelters. The system is portable, and can be sized to accommodate any number of occupants. 

Advantages to existing systems:

Pure Breathing Air for extended periods of time, without the need for filtration.
Active Cooling
All this without Electricity! 

Cryogenic Refuge Alternative Supply System

Or CryoRASS as it's known.  Primarily designed for the sub-surface mining industry, this proven system has the capability to provide up to 96 hours of breathing, adequate cooling and dehumidification.